Update (June 10, 2015): I apologize that I am unable to respond to all inquiries. Please don’t take it personally if you send me an email but don’t hear back from me; I receive more emails each day than I can reasonably respond to. I’m also in the middle of moving to a new address, so things are particularly crazy for me right now!

I do try to reply to any requests that seem to be a good match for my skill set and availability, so please provide some detail in your email to help me with that assessment.

At this point, I am most able to help with preparing and filing 2014 tax returns, prior year tax returns, amended tax returns, and taxes for household employees. General business consultations and other work are lower on my list of priorities.

Thank you!

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I provide the following services:

Billing Rates

My basic billing rate is $80 per hour, which applies to tax preparation, consultations, etc. There are a few additional fees associated with tax preparation, to cover software fees and various bits of paperwork. See the Rates page for more information.

In general, it's difficult to provide an estimate for the cost of preparing a tax return without knowing how complex your tax situation is. Send an email with some details, if you'd like a rough estimate.

My Approach

My approach to taxes, financial planning, accounting, bookkeeping, etc. can best be summarized as: Keep it simple. Complexity in your financial affairs is just not worth it, once you take into consideration all the legal/accounting fees that you’ll rack up and the medical bills associated with the increased stress of not knowing what the heck is going on.

Here are some general guidelines I try to follow, in the interest of keeping it simple. [...read more]