Portland Revenue Online username setup

There are two main reasons why you might need to go through the process of creating a Portland Revenue Online username.

  • You are subject to the Metro SHS (“Supportive Housing Services”) or Multnomah PFA (“Preschool for All”) personal income taxes, which typically apply to any residents of Multnomah County or the Metro District with income over $125k (single) or $200k (joint).
  • You are subject to PBLT (“Portland Business License tax”) and/or MCBIT (“Multnomah County Business Income Tax”) reporting requirements. These would apply to anyone who has income in Portland or Multnomah from self-employment or rental activities. (E.g., if you own a rental home, do 1099 contracting/freelance work, own a business as sole proprietor or single-member LLC, etc.)

A single username will give you access to your account for all the taxes listed above, and will also show your Arts Tax account (if you’ve ever paid it) and any other accounts that have been set up under your SSN at the Portland Revenue Division.

The easiest way to set up a username is to call up the Revenue Division and ask them to walk you through the process. It’s not a fixed sequence of steps, and they change things regularly, but it usually goes something like this:

  1. Call up the Revenue Division at (503) 865-4748. It doesn’t really matter which menu item you choose – try hitting “0” if you want. Ultimately, you just need to get through to a human being. If that phone number doesn’t work, or if the hold time is too long, you can also try (503) 823-5157 (primarily for business tax questions) or 503-865-4278 (primarily for Arts tax questions). No matter which line you call, whoever is on the other side should be able to help you create a username for PRO.
  2. Tell them you need a “Welcome Letter” to help your set up a “PRO username” so that you can access your SHS, PFA, Arts Tax, or Business Tax account.
  3. At this point, what they’ll do is try to locate your account in their system, most likely identified by your SSN. If they can’t find an account for you in their system, then hopefully they can help you create one at this point.
  4. They will then mail or email you a “Welcome Letter”. The Welcome Letter contains a couple of ID numbers that you’ll need in order to create your PRO username.
  5. (If they don’t mention the Welcome Letter, and instead they start asking you for numbers from a previous tax filing, ask them for the Welcome Letter instead. It’s far easier.)
  6. Once you have the Welcome Letter, go back to Portland Revenue Online and click on “Create a PRO username”.
  7. Click “Yes” on the “PRO Username Type” page.
  8. For “Account Type”, select the one that matches the “Welcome Letter” you received. It should be either Arts Tax, Metro Supportive Housing Services Personal Tax, MC Preschool for All Personal Tax, or Business Tax. For “Account Verification”, you’ll generally need to select “SSN”, and then the “Account ID” and “Letter ID” should both be printed at the top of the Welcome Letter you received.
  9. That should do it. If it doesn’t, call up the Revenue Division again and have them walk you through the online process, while they’re on the phone.

One you have a username and can log into your account, let me know, and I’ll set up “third-party access” so that I can file SHS, PFA, and/or business returns on your behalf.