This website is updated only once a year or so. The navigation menu above should be functional, and the information about rates/fees, the tax preparation process, etc. is kept relatively current. Other information may be outdated.

January 2021: Though I am not actively seeking new work, there is always some level of turnover with each tax season, and I generally can take on 20-30 new clients each year. Most of the work that I do agree to take on involves relatively straightforward projects: tax returns with not more than one or two sources of rental and/or self-employment income (no corporations, S-Corporations, or partnerships); basic home-ownership-related tax issues; stock-based compensation; income from another state; amended tax returns; un-filed prior year tax returns; and so on.

I will generally refuse to take on any new tax returns involving Airbnb income, foreign earned income, married-filing-separate tax status, or divorce. I find that these situations are always more complicated than I want them to be, and they’re not the best fit for my particular style and work-flow.

I apologize that I am unable to respond to all inquiries, especially in the January-April period. If you send me an email and don’t hear back, please don’t take it personally! It simply means “I’m sorry, I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment.”

I’m unable to provide recommendations or referrals to other tax preparers.