About Me

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Me with a Thanksgiving Turkey (more interesting than Me in a Suit)

Unless I suddenly decide to start taking on more clients than I can handle on my own, the sole owner/employee of Matt Schick, CPA is me, Matt Schick.

This is my seventh year in the world of tax and accounting, following a seven year mini-career as a science teacher, including two years in Mongolia as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Why did I go into accounting and tax preparation? A bunch of reasons: I needed to find something to do after I left teaching, something that was a better match for my skill set; I figured it’d give me a fair amount of flexibility in my schedule; I was pretty sure I’d be good at it; and I wasn’t going to have to spend several years and loads of money going back to school.

A few other things about me, if you’re looking for conversation starters: I grew up mostly in the Boston area, graduated from Oberlin College in 1999 with degrees in physics and neuroscience, am interested in all things science- and education-related, sing with the Portland Symphonic Choir, am a fairly good bicycle mechanic, play pick-up baseball on Saturdays during the summer, used to keep a hive of honeybees in my backyard, am fascinated by Portland’s urban forest, and speak pretty good Mongolian.

Honors and Awards: I received the highest score in Oregon on the 2007 Tax Preparer Licensing Exam, the 2009 Tax Consultant Licensing Exam, and the 2009 Uniform CPA Exam. (I’ve always been a good test-taker…)

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